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The XR Guild Launches

What is it?
The XR Guild is an association of professionals in the field of XR, Spatial Computing, Metaverse and web3 (and related) who support a common set of ethical principles.
Why does it exist?
We provide resources and mentorship to make the most ethical decisions and to achieve the best outcomes for our members, their employers and consumers overall.
Here is one account of Why the Metaverse needs Ethics
  • Consider the effects of your work on real people
  • Think about long-term implications of your decisions
  • Systems that don't consider ethics most often fail
  • Who is in the Guild?
    The XR Guild includes XR designers, developers, artists, researchers, PMs, producers, writers, directors, creatives, lawyers, CEOs and more, some with over 30 years in the field. We welcome professionals at all levels who commit to our shared ethical principles.
    How does it work?
    We are a non-profit membership organization, voting democratically on leadership and outcomes, including our evolving set of principles. We are not a union. We accept tax-exempt donations from members and other individuals who value our work.
    How do I join?
    What is expected?
    If you agree with our Principles and provide us a contact email, we'll send you a link to register. We ask all members to donate some of their time to helping Guild members or projects. Anyone who is financially able may donate to the Guild in lieu of membership fees. We are completely volunteer-run.
    Join Us

    More Questions?

    Read our FAQ on Medium.

    Feel free to join our XR Guild Discord Server to ask anything else. Our substack is also open for email subscribers. We will be adding more places to interact with Guild members, including in 3D. Coming soon.

    How to Help

    Join Us
    Employees of all companies, academics and independents are welcome. The more people who think about ethics, the better.
    Visit register.xrguild.org to sign up or modify an existing registration. Or join our Discord and meet us first, then /apply via a friendly bot.
    Donate to us directly at donate.xrguild.org to promote ethical outcomes for XR. We are 100% volunteer run. Donations will fund:
  • XR Professional Development
  • Educational Events
  • Mentoring and Ethical Engagement

  • Socialize
    Follow us on Twitter @xrguild
    Subscribe to our substack
    Meet us at AWE2022 and other conferences.

    Our Principles

    Everything Else

    Contact: contact@xrguild.org

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    Special thanks to Pavel Dobryakov for the amazing WebGL shader.

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